About PHD

Welcome to the new format and image of the Pacific Health Dialog (PHD).  In 2010 the ownership and control of the PHD transferred from the Fiji School of Medicine to the Pasifika Medical Association.

The Pacific Health Dialog Journal has been in circulation for more than twenty years and has been a medium for the dissemination of scholarly work in the area of community health and clinical medicine in the South Pacific.  The first journal issue was in 1994 and since that time the PHD has published more than 500 original papers, book reviews and case reports.

The initial goal of the journal is to provide a mechanism or platform to share Pacific Health Knowledge and expertise.  In the last 30 years, the growth in the medical profession in the south Pacific has been significate and indigenous health practitioners were not only growing in number but they were beginning to research and share their knowledge and best practice. The creation of the Pacific Health Dialog not only provided the medium for sharing Pacific Health knowledge but was also a signal of the maturity that the health profession had reach in the South Pacific.

As the new custodians of the journal the Pasifika Medical Association are keen to see that it continues its scholarly role but that it also embraces the diverse nature of the health discourse that is apparent today.  The PHD has now been enhanced to become the Journal of Pacific Research.  Our decisions leading to the shift was influenced by the growing need to share Pacific knowledge, not just in the traditional health disciplines, but the wider Pacific context within which health is embedded.

We have kept the PHD brand and will continue with the Pacific Health Dialog masthead.  While we recognize the importance of embracing a wider research coverage, it is also important to preserve the journal’s history and core objectives.